Code Enforcement Bus Tour: Success (or how Roger Jacobsen is a Champion and Hero for our Community)

Board members and residents were invited to join local hero Roger Jacobsen and Master Officer Steve Walden on a “code enforcement bus tour” on Saturday, June 9, 2018. Roger explained code enforcement policies and best neighborhood practices on a bus tour of Lake Park.

What was striking to me was the in-depth knowledge that Roger and Steve possessed of nearly each and every home. It felt like they were the HOA and we were new residents. I cannot begin to express the neighborhood’s gratitude to these outstanding individuals and the service they provide to the city.

They aren’t the type to waive their badge around and begin levying fines. They care about our community and residents and seek to work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to create a safe and beautiful community.

Notably, there are at least two abandoned homes in Lake Park that they are monitoring and attempting to get onto the market. They continue to work with the dealership to prevent car carries from unloading on residential streets. Grass can only be so long, construction must be permitted, and living conditions cannot be untenable.

Homeowners who want to bring their boat out, clean it, and live the Florida lifestyle are easily granted weekend waivers– they just notify Code Enforcement and everything’s okay. They demonstrated an intimate knowledge of Lake Park, its residents, and the challenges it faces from time to time.

Roger and Steve are really warm, personable, approachable, and caring people who just want the best for everyone. If you don’t believe me, it’s in the papers. We are truly lucky to have them as public servants.

Most of us don’t want code enforcement or the neighborhood association breathing down our necks every time a car isn’t parked properly, the grass gets a little long, or a trash can gets left out an extra day or two. However, we also want a safe, decent, and respectable neighborhood.

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Division is to promote, protect, and improve the safety, health, and welfare of our citizens. This is accomplished by providing equitable, expeditious and effective enforcement of city codes.

We are encouraging neighbors to do the following:

  • Do not park vehicles in a manner that blocks sidewalks
  • Call ahead to schedule bulk pickup and avoid lingering trash mountains
  • Keep drainage and stormwater areas unobstructed and clear
  • Love and obey Roger Jacobsen and learn more at