It has been a busy start to the season at your City Council. There have been many new projects and studies that are coming to fruition. Your Council is hard at work looking for ways to improve the quality of life in the city. Right now, that means deal with traffic! There are two efforts that we are working on regarding traffic.

But first, let me assure everyone that the lights on US 41 are “synced” so that you can drive from one end of Naples to the other without stopping. When the signals do go out of sync is when emergency vehicles need to get through but they correct themselves after a few cycles.

The first effort is a vehicle circulation study that is looking at where the traffic comes from and where it is going as it flows through downtown. It is looking at traffic from Golden Gate to Radio Road along US 41 and Goodlette. From this study, we expect to get some solutions on moving through traffic more efficiently (i.e. send it up Goodlette and Airport-Pulling Road). We should also get some more information about how to make 4-corners work better as an intersection.

The second effort is a study of the “D-Downtown” zoning district with an eye towards rewriting the zoning code to encourage redevelopment in the D-Downtown. Redevelopment in downtown will help traffic by creating more live-walk spaces, which should reduce the number of trips people have to take in and out of downtown. Redevelopment will also help complete the traffic grid (i.e. 3rd Ave S through Naples Square). Having a complete grid will allow greater circulation through downtown. I am looking forward to a great and successful season and I hope you are too. If you need anything from your City or me, please email me at or call me at 239-784-5556.