Welcome to the official website of the Lake Park Neighborhood Assocation.

Lake Park is an inviting family neighborhood where children play and neighbors chat. Located in the heart of Naples, FL the Lake Park Neighborhood is renowned for its quiet charm, old-Florida lifestyle, and sense of community.

The Lake Park Neighborhood Association facilitates community inclusiveness, sustainability, awareness, investment, and involvement to promote a safe, vibrant neighborhood.

Our Neighborhood Goals:

  • Build interest of residents in the welfare of the neighborhood
  • Support the improvement of the neighborhood
  • Create awareness of issues that affect all residents of the neighborhood
  • Encourage participation of residents in neighborhood gatherings, initiatives, city boards, and elected office
  • Represent neighborhood and residents interests in the wider community

Lake Park News, Posts, & Articles

City to Remove 15 Damaged Hard Wood Trees in Lake Park

City Officials, Stakeholders Agree to New Plan of Action, Postpone Walking Tour City officials and community stakeholders are coming together to revisit the process of Lake Park's tree removals. Because of the unique nature of Lake Park’s aesthetic and the specific...

Code Enforcement Bus Tour

Code Enforcement Bus Tour: Success (or how Roger Jacobsen is a Champion and Hero for our Community) Board members and residents were invited to join local hero Roger Jacobsen and Master Officer Steve Walden on a "code enforcement bus tour" on Saturday, June 9, 2018....

A Message from Sam Saad

It has been a busy start to the season at your City Council. There have been many new projects and studies that are coming to fruition. Your Council is hard at work looking for ways to improve the quality of life in the city. Right now, that means deal with traffic!...

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